VIDEO: Parents fight off woman trying to kidnap their child at Atlanta airport

A mother and father were forced to fend off an alleged kidnapper at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.


Chilling CCTV footage has emerged showing a woman attempting to kidnap a child at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.


Surveillance video released by Atlanta police shows Esther Daniels approaching the family in the airport’s atrium.


Daniels first grabs the handle of the stroller the father is pushing before walking over to the mother.


The panicked parents manage to momentarily hold Daniels away from one of their children.


The 26-year-old accused kidnapper then turns her attention to a different child unattended in the commotion, picking him up and attempting to run away with him.


Daniels eventually drops the child and runs away as she is chased by a police traffic control officer.


Three officers pinned the Kansas woman to the ground and apprehended her.


In regards to the police officer at the scene, an Atlanta police spokeswoman said: “She deserves all the praise.”


“Especially for her to have been working, really, in a civilian capacity, for her to just to jump in right away with no hesitation is amazing.”


Daniels was checked out at Grady Memorial Hospital before being arrested on charges of kidnapping and obstructing an officer.


She is being held without bond in the Clayton County Jail.