VIDEO: Police release bodycam footage of Odell Beckham Jr’s removal from American Airlines plane

VIDEO: Police release bodycam footage of Odell Beckham Jr’s removal from American Airlines plane | Secret Flying

Video released of Odell Beckham Jr’s removal from AA flight.


Bodycam footage from Miami-Dade police officers has been released of the November incident involving NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr, who was escorted off an American Airlines flight for being unresponsive when attendants allegedly asked him to put his seat belt on.


In the footage,Β the athlete is asked questions by officers, which include if he knew where he was, before they came away satisfied with his responses.


Even though authorities didn’t see anything that would be considered grounds for his removal, they left the decision up to the crew, who requested he be removed from the flight.


When explaining the incident to an officer, a flight attendant said Beckham Jr “appeared to be in and out of consciousness” as she attempted to wake him and have him fasten his seatbelt.


In a statement, the Miami-Dade Police Department said: “As they tried to wake [Beckham] to fasten his seat belt, he appeared to be coming in and out of consciousness.”


As the officer tells him to leave the plane, Beckham Jr. says “I’ve never had this happen to me.”


As Beckham argues to stay on the flight, the decision is made to deplane all passengers.


“We’re going to have to deplane everybody on this plane, and then you’re still going to get off,” the officer tells him. “That’s fine,” Beckham replies.


Things then take a turn as one passenger told the 2022 Super Bowl champion to get off the plane.


“You’re everything wrong with the world,” Beckham, currently a free agent, said. “Looking at me to get off a plane, for you. I would never, ever in my life get off the plane for you. Specifically you. Maybe everybody else, I would get off the plane.”


Beckham continued, “You gon’ wait 40 minutes and I’m going to be on a private plane home. Yeah, with your fat ass. Get your ass off the plane for a second.”


“Enjoy the cheese board on the way home with your ugly ass.”


Beckham later took a private flight to LA, posting a video to Instagram and captioning it β€œNot today! Back to the regular.”


An American Airlines spokesperson confirmed that Flight 1228, bound for Los Angeles, returned to the gate before takeoff “due to a customer failing to follow crew members’ instructions and refusing to fasten their seat belt.”


Beckham’s attorney, Daniel Davillier, said the incident had been β€œcompletely unnecessary”.


“At no time was Mr Beckham disruptive or combative,” Davillier said. “He was willing to comply with the seatbelt requirement, but the flight attendant wanted to prove that he had the authority to have Mr Beckham removed from the flight.”