VIDEO: Ryanair passenger wrestled by Portuguese police after allegedly pushing a flight attendant

Portugal police officers put a passenger in a chokehold after a row with Ryanair cabin crew.


A Ryanair passenger claims he was injured by Portuguese police when he was violently removed from a flight in Faro after an argument with a flight attendant.


Rafik Boutiche was accused of shoving a crew member, which he denies, after he was told he could not change seats.


Portuguese police were called on board, where they violently dragged the 20-year-old from his seat.


One of the officers puts Boutiche in a brief chokehold, as he shouts, “You’re breaking my neck. You’re hurting my neck!”


Boutiche’s friend, Islam Fessih, was filming the incident which was later posted online.


“My boy was racially profiled and attacked on our flight on our way home,” Islam captioned the video.


“There was a free seat next to me but the air hostess refused to let him sit there and accused him of punching her when the whole plane has his side.”



In a separate video filmed by Boutiche, the incident can viewed from a different angle with the passenger refuting the claim that he pushed the flight attendant.


“I didn’t push! Did I push? … You are lying, I didn’t push,” he says.