VIDEO: Spirit Airlines kick US citizens off a flight in Costa Rica for ‘smelling bad’


A group of passengers have accused Spirit Airlines of kicking them off a flight in Costa Rica because they smelt bad.


A video uploaded to social media shows a group of US citizens being denied boarding after Spirit Airlines apparently did not like how they smelt.


The incident occurred last week at Juan Santamaría International Airport in San Jose, Costa Rica.


The 35-minute long footage shows a man pleading with airline and airport staff to let them board the Fort Lauderdale-bound flight.


“You’re saying that we stink. We do not stink. You can smell me. We do not stink,” a man can be heard saying.


Spirit Airlines staff explain that they will be put on a flight the next day, however, the group are not impressed.


“We’re going to smell the same tomorrow.”


When airport staff try to take the US citizens back to immigration the group refuse saying, “No we don’t want to go to prison. We don’t want to go back to the prison.”


It is unclear how the situation was resolved.