VIDEO: Spirit Airlines passengers get into huge brawl at Puerto Rico airport

Passengers fight at airport after cancelled flight.


After Spirit Airlines cancelled a Philadelphia-bound flight because a dispute broke out on the plane prior to take off, some passengers decided to settle their differences with fists back in the terminal.


Flight 687 returned to the gate on Monday after a couple began arguing just as the plane reached the runway.


The captain decided to kick the couple off the plane,Β for which they initially refused.


This resulted in other passengers arguing with the couple, creating a more difficult situation for cabin crew.


At this point, the decision was made toΒ deplane everyone on board and cancel the flight.


When the irate passengers returned to the terminal, chaos erupted,Β with video footage showing a number of people throwing punches, kicking and wrestling.


In a statement, the airline said: “Spirit Airlines flight 687 from San Juan (SJU) to Philadelphia (PHL) returned to Luis MuΓ±oz MarΓ­n International Airport prior to takeoff because of a heated argument between two guests who were traveling together.


“Upon deplaning the aircraft, a physical altercation broke out in the terminal between the Guests who caused the disturbance and another group of Guests. This violent behavior is completely inappropriate. We thank the Puerto Rico Police Bureau for their intervention, and further questions about the altercation should be directed to them.”


According to reports,Β two people were arrested.