Virgin Atlantic flight diverted after ‘drunk Brit’ tried to kick window out causing mother to drop baby

Virgin Atlantic flight diverted after ‘drunk Brit’ tried to kick window out causing mother to drop baby | Secret Flying

London to LA flight makes emergency landing.


A drunk man allegedly tried to kick the windows out on a Virgin Atlantic flight during a mid-air meltdown, causing a mother to drop her baby.


Flight VS141 departed Heathrow Airport as scheduled yesterday, but the 787 Dreamliner was diverted to Salt Lake City, Utah – about a two-hours away from the flight’s Los Angeles destination.


Witnesses told a British newspaper that the man lashed out during an “altercation”, alleging that he had tried to “kick out the windows” of the plane.


According to reports, the commotion caused a mother on the plane to drop her baby – leaving the child with minor injuries.


The man, who is described as British and intoxicated, was handcuffed by a number of US Marines who were also on the flight.


“He was sitting in the back and he got handcuffed right there,” a witness recounted.


The witness said the man then started “whining” that he could not feel his fingers after he was restrained by the marines.


Salt Lake City Police officers marched the disruptive passenger down the plane’s steps into custody, seen on images broadcast on the city’s KUTV news channel.


A Virgin Atlantic spokesperson confirmed the airline diverted the flight to ensure the safety of the passengers.


“Due to a disruptive passenger onboard flight VS141 operating from London Heathrow to Los Angeles on Tuesday 26 July, the aircraft diverted to Salt Lake City to be met by police authorities,” the spokesperson told Fox News Digital.


“The safety and wellbeing of our customers and crew is always our top priority and we don’t tolerate any behavior that compromises this. We always want our customers to have the best experience when they fly with us and our cabin crew are highly trained to deal with any individuals that may impact that experience for others.”


The flight was able to continue on to Los Angeles after a delay of about four hours. The airline apologised to the passengers for the inconvenience.