Woman kicked off Spirit Airlines flight for lighting cigarette and blowing smoke in passengers’ faces

Woman kicked off Spirit Airlines flight for lighting cigarette and blowing smoke in passengers’ faces | Secret Flying

Woman lightsΒ cigarette on Spirit plane.


A woman was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight after lighting a cigarette as the plane was making its way toward the terminal at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport,Β early Tuesday.


According to reports, the plane had landed around midnight but was not allocated a gate for at least an hour.


One woman grew tired of waiting and decided to light a cigarette on the plane to the disbelief of her fellow passengers.


Alexa Majdalawi, 31, was sitting directly behind the woman, telling Fox News: “She literally took out a cigarette and just started smoking. I said, β€˜Is this real life?’


“She’s smoking it in my face,” she added. “She’s turning around to blow it.”


Majdalawi said she alerted cabin crew to the smoking womanΒ but they refused to do anything.Β She claims a flight attendant suggested she move to the back of the plane.


Eventually police officers boarded the plane to escort the smoking passenger off.


In a video posted online, an officer can be seenΒ trying to wake the woman who, at that point, appears to be sleeping. One passenger accused the woman of “acting dead.”


“Come on, let’s go. Do you have a bag?” the officer says, before opening several overhead compartments and not finding the woman’s belongings.


Another passenger says: “She might not even got no bags. Hey, she might not even got no bags, she’s f**king with y’all. Her bags are under the plane, man. Take her off.”


Eventually the woman gets out of her seat and follows the officers off the plane. According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, she was not arrested.


Spirit Airlines defended its handling of the incident, saying its crew took appropriate action.


“Flight Attendants noticed the odor and the other Guests were quick to point out who was responsible and hand over what remained of the extinguished cigarette,” the airline said in a statement to Fox News.


“Our crew summoned law enforcement officers to have them waiting at the gate to remove the passenger.”


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