World’s first airport for flying cars to open in Coventry, UK

World’s first ‘flying taxi’ airport to open in the UK.


The world’s first airport for electric flying cars is to be built in Coventry, UK, it has been announced.


British firm Urban Air Port and Korean car maker Hyundai have unveiled plans for the world’s first pop-up airport for air taxis and cargo drones, withΒ over 200 similar airports planned worldwide within the next five years.


Despite being dubbed as “flying cars”, EVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) vehicles are essentially electric helicopters. The EVTOL vehicles can be used to transport people between skyscraper rooftops, or as Urban Air Port designs show – connecting landing hubs on the River Thames to elsewhere in London.


The zero-emission airport offers space for charging and a runway for take-offs and landings.


To reduce noise levels and avoid regulatory hurdles airports face, the take-off platform has been elevated.


Urban Air Port revealed it chose Coventry for two reasons, the city’s history of auto automobile and aerospace industries, but more importantly its central location within the UK which provides easy access to most parts of the country.


Hyundai’s investment in “flying cars” has led to the company unveiling their own last year in collaboration with Uber, where it has committed to commercialising such vehicles by 2028.


It is understood that no passenger flights will actually take place at the Coventry showcase facility. Instead it will be used to help the public understand the new technology and how it will integrate with the surrounding environment.