World’s GPS systems could collapse on April 6 in Y2K-style bug


Vital systems around the world could stop working on April 6 sparking travel chaos.


GPS systems could be brought down next month due to a glitch similar to the millennium bug.


The glitch could affect financial markets, power generating companies, emergency services, and navigation systems of ships and older aircraft.


The cause of the problem is that the computer systems on GPS satellites have a maximum value of 1024 to represent weeks.


After 1024 weeks have passed (19.7 years), the number rolls back to zero, potentially causing older devices to experience a Y2k-style glitch.


Officials have already warned businesses to update their technology – but not many are thought to have complied.


Mobile phones are not expected to be affected as they are based on more modern GPS technology.


Bill Malik, vice president of a Taiwanese multinational cyber security and defence company, said: “I’m not going to be flying on April 6.”