Worldwide airport chaos after computer check-in systems crash

A software issue has caused huge check-in delays at many airports worldwide affectingΒ 125 airlines.


Airline passengers are suffering major disruption at airports around the world after check-in systems crashed Thursday morning.


Problems have been reported in London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports, Charles de Gaulle Paris, Ronald Reagan in Washington DC, Melbourne, Changi in Singapore, Johannesburg and Zurich.


Amadeus Altea, the company behind the check-in systems, blamed the disruption on a ‘network issue’.


A spokesman for Amadeus said: “During the morning, we experienced a network issue that caused disruption to some of our systems.


“Amadeus technical teams took immediate action to identify the cause of the issue and restore services as quickly as possible. That action is ongoing with services gradually being restored.


“Amadeus regrets any inconvenience caused to customers.”