New double-decker plane seat design could see economy class passengers lie flat

Flying in economy may soon get a whole lot more comfortable.


A new design by a start-up company could transform air travel by creating double-decker seating inside the economy class cabin.


Zephyr Aerospace came up with the plans to allow all economy class passengers the option to lie down.


The concept also provides more isolation from other passengers, which could be essential in a post-Covid world.


Seating would be in 2-4-2 configuration, which according to the designers will allow airlines to keep the same number of passengers in the economy cabin as they have now.


Speaking to CNN, head designer Jeffrey O’Neill said he came up with the idea after taking a long-haul flight to Singapore with Singapore Airlines.


“‘I’m on probably the best rated airline in the world, and I’m getting wonderful service and the food is edible, but I can’t sleep. [It was] really uncomfortable. Why is it so difficult to find an affordable way to lie flat on a flight that’s 19 hours?” he asked.


“It’s not as tall off the ground as people might imagine, it’s only four and a half feet off the ground from the entry point to the lower seat to the upper seat.”


Although the idea is still in its infancy, it may indicate the direction the aviation industry is heading in the near future.


Earlier this year, Air New Zealand revealed details of a new economy lie-flat seat, dubbed the Economy Skynest.