VIDEO: Another Chinese passenger arrested for throwing coins at a plane engine


A passenger has been detained by police for throwing coins at a plane for good luck in central China.


A father was arrested by police after he threw three coins at a plane for good luck as he was boarding a flight with his family in northwest China on Tuesday.


CCTV footage shows the 31-year-old man throwing the coins from the jet bridge as he boarded the plane at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport.


Fortunately, the coins missed the plane’s engines and were found on the tarmac.


Hainan Airlines flight HU7783 departing for Urumqi, Xinjiang was delayed for 40 minutes as a result of the man’s actions.


According to reports, the man told police that he performed the superstitious act as it was his four-month-old daughter’s first time flying.


This is not the first time a passenger has gotten in trouble for throwing coins at a plane’s engine for good luck.


Only two months ago, a man was sued by Chinese Airline, Lucky Air, after he threw coins into the engine causing ¥140,000 ($21,000) worth of damage.