VIDEO: British woman dragged out of Tenerife hotel pool and arrested for refusing to quarantine

British woman arrested after flouting strict lockdown rules in Tenerife.


A British woman was dragged out of a Tenerife hotel swimming pool and arrested for violating the lockdown rules.


According to reports, the unnamed woman decided to take a dip in the Paradise Park Hotel pool because she had enough of the quarantine rules.


Another guest staying at the hotel filmed the woman as she swam around moaning to hotel staff about being on lockdown.


In the video, the rule-breaker is seen backstroking from one side of the pool to the other, whilst the camerawoman, who is also British, tells the policemen, “go on mate, get in there and nick her.”


Eventually one of the officers removes his shirt and trousers and jumps in the pool to apprehend the woman.


The woman is grabbed by the other officer waiting at the side of the pool and is pinned down before being handcuffed.


“Stupid cow. She’s silly, isn’t she,” the commentator says.


The video was posted online only days after British tourists were filmed singing ‘we’ve all got the virus, na na na na!’ and taunting police in Benidorm.