Woman claims man tried to urinate on her on Emirates flight to Sydney

Woman claims man tried to urinate on her on Emirates flight to Sydney | Secret Flying

“I upgraded to Emirates business class and a drunk man tried to urinate on me.”


A female business class passenger claims that a man stumbled over to her seat and attempted to urinate on her after already soiling his own seat.


The anonymous traveller told The Daily Telegraph that a man onboard approached her in the business class cabin while undoing his trousers.


She claimsΒ the man repeatedly “drunkenly approached my seat and wanted to sit down, convinced it was his”.


“It happened a third time, and this time as he approached me he undid his trousers and it looked like he was going to urinate at my seat. My husband had to push him away,” she said.


“This man totally ruined our business class journey and I got absolutely no sleep whatsoever because I was terrified that if I shut my eyes he would come back and relieve himself on me.”


The man in question was reportedly not apprehended upon arrival in Australia and was free to leave.


“A report was completed on board regarding the incident, and I was told Emirates would be in touch,” the woman explained.


However, a few weeks later, just before she was due to fly back on the return leg, she contacted Emirates and requested an upgrade for the same leg of the return journey, or reimbursement of the 108,000 miles she used towards upgrading the outgoing flight.


Emirates reportedly refusedΒ and instead would give 20,000 miles as a “gesture of goodwill”.


“I feel that this is inadequate compensation, given what happened,” the anonymous woman said.


Speaking to The Independent, an Emirates spokesperson said: “We are disappointed to hear Mrs. S’s complaint. Emirates takes the safety of its passengers very seriously and our Customer Affairs team are in direct contact with her to resolve the matter”.


Recently, there has been an uptick in reports of unruly passengers urinating on other flyers mid-flight.


In January,Β Air India has announced it has slapped a 30-day ban on a man who exposed and urinated on an elderly female passenger on a New York to Delhi flight in November.


A few months later on the same route – this time with American Airlines – an Indian man was arrested after allegedly urinating on a co-passenger during an argument.


A British man also hit the headlines after he drunkenly got his genitalia out and peed on a passenger during a British Airways flight.